Evolve’s Training Program

Creating Jobs

Evolve provides a real-world training platform enabling our diverse workforce to launch careers in property management, a growing industry in Oregon, providing a pathway to professional growth and personal development.


Great! Please fill out the form below and be sure to attach a copy of your resume so that we can include you on any communication about trainings and job positions.

When are trainings?

We currently are conducting 1 on 1 trainings for  job recruits. Contact us below to inquire about opening trainings or job placements.

Where are the trainings?

Evolve’s People-First Property Management Trainings are located in the communities in which we operate– across the mid-Willamette Valley and Coastal ares of Oregon.

How much is it?

Free, but you must qualify. Please submit some information and your resume below. We are a non-profit and so we offer this service at no cost to you. We hope that our trainings will lead you to a new and stable career in an exciting industry!

What to Expect

We prepare you with essential tools to work in the property management industry. Our trainings are designed to help you become a successful property manager or maintenance technician.  Topics Covered:

Fair Housing

Equity in Housing

Conflict Resolution


Financial Management

Maintenance and Repair

Marketing and Curb Appeal


For any questions regarding our trainings please contact Alfonso Munoz.

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For any questions about job opportunities or trainings please contact Alfonso Munoz


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